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Supporting the arts: a driving force for prosperity and reputation in the 21st century

Simplifying is always complex. But we need to pay attention to this complexity and leverage it. We are well aware of the fact that the future should not be built at the expense of the present by rejecting a past that has had some impressive successes; we draw inspiration from the past and dream of the future. And we are determined to dream.

Simon Brault: Re-imagining Canada's future through the arts

Remarks for Simon Brault MacEwan University

Canada History Week

Canada History Week: July 1-7

Celebrate Canada’s recent history through its remarkable artists.

Over the past 60 years, Canada’s identity has been shaped by its arts and culture – and the Canada Council has been proud to play a leading role.  This week we will be revisiting some of the most important milestones in our shared art history. 

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Toronto and Vancouver arts leaders win 2015 John Hobday Awards in Arts Management

Natasha Bood, executive director of Toronto Summer Music and Frank Nickel, senior business manager of Pacific Theatre are the winners.

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A groundbreaking arts partnership looks to the past & future for new dialogues between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples in Canada

This unique initiative program will promote artistic collaborations between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal artists, investing in the power of art and imagination to inspire dialogue, understanding and change.

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Teesri Duniya Theatre

Artist Story

A struggle for human dignity

Interviews with Afghan Canadians, war veterans and their families – in Montréal, Quebec and Brandon, Manitoba – helped shape a new work called Safer Ground?, presented by Teesri Duniya Theatre. Learn how the different communities and resources helped shape the story.